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Alton Towers Update – September 2017

Hello again, I hope you’ve all had a good summer! We’ve seen some very busy days during the schools leaver period, and now we’re looking forward to our next big event during October half term. ‘Scarefest’ has rapidly become our busiest time and the selection of mazes on offer gets ever more scary – see below for some of the detail! It won’t be long then before Fireworks and we’ve made some significant changes to the operation this year which are detailed below – it’s so important we’re sending another reminder by post to ensure everybody receives it, so if nothing else, please read this first section of information!

Fireworks – 4th & 5th November

As ever we’ll be ending our season with a spectacular fireworks show, featuring the usual extras of lasers, lights and music. The show will begin at 7pm and last around 20mins, but the Park and selected rides will remain open until 9pm. We will be implementing the regular traffic management system again, so Wootton Lane will become one way out towards Ellastone on both nights from 6.30pm until mid-night (or when the last car has left which should be much earlier), and there’ll be no parking along Farley Lane or Wootton Lane.

Some of you may be aware that last year we had a massive turn out on the Saturday and had to close the car parks. To help us ensure we’ve got the space we need this year, we are asking everyone with an annual pass or a complimentary ticket to confirm whether or not they will be attending, albeit your passes are only valid on the Sunday. To do this you need to email our Welcome team on so they can allocate you a parking space (you won’t actually be given one, but it’s so we know at what point we have to stop selling tickets for Sunday). We’re asking everyone to pre-book for Saturday too in an effort to ensure we have the space we need, but I think it’s fairly inevitable that the roads around the Park will be exceptionally busy all weekend, so do please bear this in mind if you’re out and about. We’re sorry for any inconvenience but we’ll be monitoring and managing as closely as we can.

So in summary, you need to pre-book for Fireworks on Sunday if you’re planning on attending.

Scarefest – 7th, 8th, 14th, 15th, 20th – 31st October

Our multi award-winning Scarefest event is returning for 2017 with even more reasons to visit (if you like being petrified that is…!) so here’s the complete line up:

The Welcoming: Be Chosen is new for 2017 and it joins the existing terrifying line-up of scare mazes. Not only will it give the hardest maze aficionados a serious fright, it will also provide a first glimpse into our new attraction for 2018, currently codenamed ‘SW8’.

Themed around a mysterious group who celebrate their own interpretation of Halloween, as they prepare to allow ‘outsiders’ (that’s you and me folks!) the opportunity to celebrate their festival with them. This attraction is suitable for those aged 15+ and is billed as being the scariest of the scare mazes.

The Scare Convention winner of the Best Halloween Scare Attraction 2016 is Altonville Mine Tours, and it re-opens this year with an extended tour of the newly discovered depths of the mine. For those who didn’t manage this one last year it introduced us to a family of outcasts nicknamed the ‘Skin Snatchers’. They like to give tours of a very deep, dark mine to newly arrived visitors, who never seem to look the same afterwards. Another strictly for the 15+ age group!

Winner of the Best Halloween Scare Attraction in 2009 and 2011 is the ‘Terror of the Towers: What Lies Within’, which also returns this year, and the scares have been ramped up like never before. For those who dare enter the undiscovered passageways of the Gothic towers, just beware of what lies within… (unless you’re under 15, in which case, sorry you’ll have to wait)!

Finally we have The End Games: Sub Species (which won the award in 2015) which is the one with a post-apocalyptic, sewer dwelling community that’s been infested by a species from another world. In order to survive, they appease the creature’s hunger by sacrificing innocent people from the surface. However, over time, insanity has twisted the feeding ritual into a sick contest and your demise is now their entertainment. Now that sounds like fun! This year there are new routes for you to find your way through the underground system, but which will you choose? Let the death race begin! (Not surprisingly this is for the over 15’s too!)

Phew, just to reassure you, Scarefest isn’t all about terrifying our visitors! We also have our largest ever range of entertainment for the under 15’s, or those of a more nervous disposition!

The House of Monsters gives over 8’s the opportunity to join an up and coming online vlogger who has turned into something of a new-age monster hunter. He is on a modern-day quest to discover the truth about monsters and his trail has led him to what is believed to be a disused house. But is it a case of mistaken identity or has he really discovered a group of 21st century ghouls? House of Monsters is a fun filled journey through 6 lives shows which are home to spooky monsters. You get 20 minutes of laughs, frights, theatre, special effects, characters, jokes, mazes and storytelling.

The Freak Show is a travelling circus that has come to Alton Towers Resort to entertain younger visitors. Dare you walk amongst the fascinating characters? Be careful not to get too close. This one’s aimed at families with children aged over 8 years and it’s a street theatre walk through attraction. There is an alternative route for those who don’t fancy it or who are not feeling so brave.

The Alton Ancestors have risen from the grave once more and will be returning to their old stomping grounds. They can be found flash mobbing Towers Street in the morning before retiring to Gloomy Wood later on. Learn their moves and join in!

Families can also enjoy a range of live entertainment from the park’s own cast of silly spooks – the Freaky Four – performing energetic live shows on the Trick or Treat stage, perfect for younger guests, including Skelvin’s Spooky Storytime, Phil & Franklyn’s Ghoul School, and Patch’s Trick-Or-Treat Party, throughout the day and into the evening.

All of this is in addition to a selection of rides that will be open until 9pm, so if you don’t fancy being scared witless in a maze, give Nemesis in the dark a go!

Your local resident passes are valid for Park entry, but they don’t get you into the Mazes, so your best bet is to go online ( and book these in advance. This link is to the full 4-maze ticket, but there is also a 3 maze option if you don’t fancy The Welcoming!

Local resident passes

If you’re eligible for local resident passes and still haven’t applied for them, please send a copy of your Council Tax bill to You can also post your bill to Alton Towers Admissions, Alton Towers, Alton, Staffs ST10 4DB or drop it in at the Admissions office next to the turnstiles and they’ll do their best to turn them round for you whilst you wait.

In other news…


Karen is still coming along every Monday night to run her Yoga classes so if you’re interested just let me know and I’ll pass your details on.

Hotel Themed Weekends

If you’re looking for something to do after the October half term and before the Christmas one, why not try one of our themed weekends? Our Party Nights start on 24th November, hotly followed by the Santa Sleepovers on the 26th. Full dates below:

Party Nights: 24th, 25th November; 1st, 2nd, 8th, 9th, 15th December

Santa’s Sleepovers: 26th November; 3rd, 10th, 15th – 23rd December

There are more Festive Breaks running between 27th and 30th December and then the New Year’s Eve break on the 31st & 1st January 2018.

Full details of all of these events is on the website at

Waterpark and Spa

Don’t forget you can also take advantage of both the Waterpark and Spa once the season’s over as they both become noticeably quieter. Waterpark tickets start at £10.50 for children aged 3-11 for a full day and £15 for an adult (12+). The sessions run from 10am until 4pm and there’s a café inside the Waterpark in case you get peckish, or wrinkly, and need a quick break from all that water!

The Spa treatments are just sublime and we’ve got 20% off brochure treatments on selected dates as below:

Friday 29th September, Friday 13th October, Friday 27th October, Friday 10th November, Friday 24th November, Friday 8th December, Friday 22nd December (so that’s just before Christmas then!)

Or if you want even more, how about a Pampering & Prosecco evening? For just £28 per person, you can finish your week off in style and join us for a night of pampering and fizz. After 4pm relax for three hours in the Aqua Relaxation Rooms, indulge with a 10 minute mini treatment and treat yourself to a glass of prosecco. Choose from a Chocolate Hand & Arm Treatment, A Taste of Tranquillity Scalp Massage or a Decleor Aroma Facial Massage. Mmm, or should that be yum! Call 0871 702 7043 to book any of these deals.

Local Community Talk to Us

We’re holding another ‘Talk to Us’ event on Wednesday 11th October from 6pm until 7pm at your community pub, the White Hart in Alton. These are the times when you can come along and speak to someone from the Towers, usually me or Wayne Burton, our Product Excellence Manager, and Julie, who is our Divisional Director’s PA. We can answer most questions, and if we can’t, we’ll know someone who can, so will take details and get back to you.

That’s it for now – if you have any questions or concerns please drop me a line.

Liz Greenwood

Local Community Engagement, Alton Towers Resort
01538 704017
07968 998 922

Please note my usual working week is Monday to Wednesday.