All Saints C.E. First School

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About Our School

Our school admits children of 4 – 9 years of age.  There are currently 73 children attending the school,  organised in four classes.  We have a lovely new building with fantastic grounds,  set in a beautiful part of Staffordshire.

Our Ethos

All Saints C.E. First School

We believe that education is about helping children to become independent learners so that when they leave school,  college or university they can enter the wider society with confidence.  We aim to provide a stimulating environment based on Christian values which permeate the life of the school.

Education is not just concerned with equipping students with the knowledge and skills that they need to earn a living.  It must also help young people to become good citizens who have respect for other people,  other cultures and other beliefs.  It should develop their awareness of their rich cultural heritage.  It should enable them to think things out for themselves by exploring the moral and spiritual dimensions of their lives.  We value our close links with the church and place great importance on a daily act of worship.

Education should also stimulate children to use their leisure time creatively and to pursue a healthy life style.  It should encourage them to set themselves high standards and to be proud of their achievements.  Education must serve all our children whatever their abilities,  background,  gender,  creed or ethnic origin.  Consequently,  we at All Saints try to begin to fulfil these objectives by developing in our pupils an appetite for learning,  a confidence in themselves and a desire to achieve their potential.

Our Children

All our children are eager to learn and work consistently hard to achieve their potential.  Their caring nature towards each other is a key feature in the success of the school.

The School Council has representatives from each class.  They contribute to the constant improvement of school life in many ways and help to raise the awareness of the outside world by becoming involved in charity and volunteer activities of many kinds.

All pupils are challenged to achieve the highest standards,  both in their work and behaviour.  Personal,  Social and Health Education is a priority.  Staff offer a range of extra-curricular activities to support and extend the children’s social and emotional development.

All Saints School

Our Staff

The staff team includes the Headteacher,  5 Teachers (some part time),  a Nursery Nurse,  Classroom  Assistant,  Secretary,  Administrative Assistant,  Cook and her Assistant,  Midday Supervisors,  Janitor and Cleaner.  All the staff work together to develop the school and have a tremendous commitment to the children’s success and wellbeing.

Our Governors

The Governors of the school work hard to ensure that our school is a success.  They are actively involved in the school and their support is invaluable.

Our Parents and the Community

Our school enjoys enthusiastic support from parents,  friends and the wider community.  Many parents work voluntarily in school,  both in the classrooms and at other tasks.  There is an energetic and valued P.T.A.  that organises events and fund raises tirelessly.  Parents are made welcome in school at any time.  All the staff are actively committed to parent and community involvement.

The school works closely with all in the village,  maintaining close links with the Church.  We also work very closely in partnership with the Denstone Pre-school.  ‘The Denstone Partnership’ set up in September 2005 developed already established links with Pre-school to give the village the provision for education it deserves.   Both settings firmly believe that education in a village environment provides children with an excellent start in life.  Our small settings mean that the children and parents are well known to us all enabling good communication so important in all stages of a child’s education.

The partnership enables smooth transition between pre-school and school as the young children spend time each week in school as well as school staff and children visiting pre-school to work with the children there.

Please take time to look at the other information available.  If you would like to visit our school please give us a ring.  The headteacher will arrange a time for you to look around.  Thank you!