Community Transport

Launched in April 2006,  this service is proving to be a valuable facility available to all Denstone residents.  The main purpose of the scheme is to provide a door to door service for those who are without access to a private car,  when suitable public transport is not available,  or cannot be used owing to infirmity,  age or disability.

It is available between 8.30am and 6.00pm on weekdays only.  The majority of journeys to date have helped residents to get to doctors,  dentists,  chiropodists and local hospitals,  etc. Usually 48 hours notice is required -  but all requests for help are considered on their merits.

Denstone Sign

The scheme is operated on a voluntary basis with passengers being charged a fare based on mileage which is roughly in line with public transport costs.

Typical fares are as follows:

Rocester single or return £2.00
Alton -  return £3.00
Uttoxeter -  single £3.00
Uttoxeter -  return £4.50
Local hospitals -  single £7.50 to £8.50
Local hospitals -  return £12.00 to £13.50

Eighteen volunteer drivers are involved with the scheme but all applicants should ring Dennis Parker on 590005 and if not available Wendy Forrester on 590728.