There are several places to stay in Denstone from small B&B’s to larger self catering establishments.  Why spend most of the whole morning on the motorway travelling to Alton Towers when you can stay in the beautiful surrounding of Denstone village,  reducing your commute to less than 10 minutes?


The Tavern

Opposite the Church is the Denstone Hall Farm Shop,  where you can buy many delicious foods,  including award-winning sausages!

Pubs & Restaurants

There isn’t a fast food chain for miles.  To satisfy your hunger and thirst in Denstone,  you can choose between The Tavern and the award-winning Denstone Hall cafe in the Farm Shop,  both of which are deservedly very popular with locals and visitors alike. 

Petrol Stations &  Garages

There is no petrol station in Denstone,  but if you have car trouble or need petrol urgently there is a garage in nearby Rocester -  it’s not open late or on Sundays,  though.

Children’s Play Areas

There’s a play area for small children in the centre of the village not far from the Post Office,  and another area for older children a little way down the old railway track.

Denstone Meadow

A group of Denstone residents have jointly purchased a small field next to the river, which will be managed for the benefit of wildlife and for villagers’ enjoyment. Sue Edmonds produces periodic newsletters to let people know what is happening.