All Saints Church Open Day

On Sunday 21st July, All Saints’ Church in Denstone was filled with a dazzling array of beautiful frontals, vestments, chalice veils, and chasubles in red, green, white, purple and blue. The Open Day was to celebrate the work of George Edmund Street, one of the country’s most eminent Victorian architects.

Street’s most famous building is the Royal Courts of Justice in London, and he is buried in Westminster Abbey. In the middle of the nineteenth century, Sir Thomas Percival Heywood of Doveleys commissioned Street to build a new church – which is reputed to be Street’s personal favourite – at Denstone in the style known as Gothic Revival, and the corner stone was laid in 1860. Street also designed the vestments and altar frontals for use in the church, and those items which have survived the intervening 150 years were on display. The occasion was also used to celebrate the work of those talented artists and craftsmen and women who live in Denstone today, including the WI, the Art Group, the Mother’s Union, the Denstone Spinners and other members of the local community who put on a splendid show of original work.

Cream teas were served throughout the day in the church, and the Open Day finished with Evensong at 6.00pm.



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