Denstone Autumn Litter Sweep 2011

For several years,  now,  we have carried out two village litter sweeps a year – one in spring and the other in autumn.  This year it was decided to undertake the second sweep in November after Alton Towers had closed.

Sunday 20th of November dawned foggy and grey and it never seemed actually to grow properly light.  I did wonder under the circumstance whether anybody would turn up,  but I shouldn’t have worried.  Denstone people are made of stern stuff and at the appointed time eighteen stalwart,  high-viz-clad individuals checked in,  grabbed plastic sacks and litter-pickers and disappeared into the gloom for about an hour.  Meanwhile Nancy Turner arrived to make tea for the team.  Biscuits were put out,  tables and chairs assembled and at the end of the hour a very cheerful gathering assembled having left eighteen full sacks of litter on the car park ready for collection.  Most of the litter was picked up off the roads leading into the village.  The collection was mostly made up of endless cans and bottles of drink,   discarded tyres,  hubcaps,  food containers and wrappers.

[Click photos to see larger version]

I should like to thank all those who took part for their support and the commitment and sense of fun they brought to the activity. Let’s hope that Denstone will remain litter-free for a few months at least and that more people will take it upon themselves to pick up any litter they come across. The next spring clean will take place sometime in April.

Mary Spencer