Ask and You Shall Receive

A group of young children in Denstone parish have been enjoying themselves at the annual holiday club organised by All Saints’ Church.

The club’s name is ASK (All Saints’ Kids) and for two hours each day for a week the children have been invited into the church where they have participated in all kinds of activities and games as well as learning about the story of Moses. A large space in the nave of the church has been cleared for the purpose and the club has also used the grass area outside the back of the church for the more energetic games much enjoyed in the lovely weather.

The club has been run by about a dozen willing helpers in the village (including some older children) supported by the vicar, the Rev. John Richardson. ‘Our aim,’ he said, ‘is to maintain a high profile for the church within the parish and, in addition to this week’s holiday club, we also run a weekly club in term time at All Saints First School and hold a Pram Service twice a term for the pre-school children of the parish.’

William Newport (6) and Joshua Tortonesi have obviously been enjoying themselves. ‘The best bit,’ they said, ‘was playing the parachute game outside and also pass the parcel.’

The week has finished with a grand picnic with everybody eating as much as they could possibly fit in.