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  • rita dodd

    i am researching my family tree and most of my ancester lived and worked in stubwoo. they were saddlers and master saddlers and farmers. therer names were carter and wood. the wood side of the family were farmers. i have gone back to the 1700s with carters and all were born and bred in and around stubwood denstone. the last know carter was john carter living in stubwood with his wife and sonjames in 1901. my mother who is 90 remembers him saying that he worked for lord and lady heywood and lived in at some point as housekeeper and groomsman. i wonder if you know any of these people and if there is any mention of them in the local church. i thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you soon regards rita

  • Liz Bull

    Hi I wondred if any one could give an educated guess as to why my great garndfather born 1838, called Aaron Bull, a stone mason was a boarder in the 1861 census in the village of Denstone in Alton. He was a Repton man.
    Did he help build the village

  • ken ryder

    What is the current population of Denstone, with & without Stubwood and/or Prestwood;  including staff resident at Denstone College, but not the pupils (unless of course they are children of members of staff)?

  • Mary Cott


    I recently visited your village whilst on holiday. Could you please let me know the historical significance of the area named “Roberts’ Green”.
    Thank you.
    Mary Cott

    • Bob Beaumont

      The name ‘Robert’s Green’ is very recent history. The land on which the recreation area was established is owned by a Robert Johnson. He leases it to the Tom Boden Memorial Sports Trust for an affordable rent. In recognition of his assistance in providing the this facility for the community the Sports Trust determined to name it ‘Robert’s Green’.

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